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Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

Date: 13-Jun-2024

Dental Implants: The Future of Your Smile

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon India : 2024 Update Price List

A good set of teeth makes a person look better and helps them chew and digest their food. You want the best dental implant in India. Here, you can learn all about how many dental implants cost.

2024 Updated Cost of Dental Implant in India (Including Osstem)

Osstem /DentiumKorean25,000399370
Nobel Biocare(Swiss)Swiss
Titanium SlaSwiss48,000699665
Roxolid SlaSwiss53,000769715
Roxolid Sla ActiveSwiss58,000839800
Zimmer (Usa)USA40,000589535
Adin/Impact 6 Implants With 12 Unit Metal Ceramic Bridge(Pfm)1,74,00025002365
6 Implants With 12 All Ceramic Bridge(Zirconia)2,50,00035003346
Osstem 6 Implants With 12 Unit Metal Ceramic Bridge(Pfm)2,16,00030002877
6 Implants With 12 All Ceramic Bridge(Zirconia)2,94,0003918.313471.46
4 NOBEL BIOCARE Implants including 2 ANGULATED Implants + Provisional Denture + Final Fixed Hybrid Denture of 12-14 Teeth3,40,00050004567
4 OSSTEM Implants including 2 ANGULATED Implants + Provisional Denture + Final Fixed Hybrid Denture of 12-14 Teeth2,50,00036003356
2 Osstem Implants With Locator Attachment And Lucitone Denture80,00014001330
4 Osstem Implants With Locator Attachment And Lucitone Denture1,35,00020001775

Things that affect how much dental implants cost

 Some of the things that can directly affect how much your dental implants will cost in India are:

Implants by Brand and Type

There are many different types and qualities of implants on the market, costing additional amounts. The cost of implant treatment will depend on the type of implant your dentist recommends and the quality you choose.

The Process of Treatment

There are many parts to the process of getting a dental implant. It usually starts with taking out a tooth, but the following steps can be more or less complicated depending on the person. So, the total cost of getting a dental implant also varies.

Bone Grafting / Sinus Lift

Before a dental implant can be put in properly, some people need additional procedures like a Sinus Lift or a Bone Graft. Your dentist may recommend a bone grafting procedure before implant placement if, for instance, there isn’t enough bone to support the implant. Bone Grafting makes the treatment more expensive.

The Dentist

As with any job, there are different levels of skill among dentists. If you go to a dental implant specialist with a lot of experience, he will probably charge more than a new general dentist. Even though dental implants are a widespread treatment, they require very specialized skills, so you should only work with a specialist.

Prerequiste Procedures

Check to see if you need more than one tooth pulled, a bone graft, or a sinus lift. Extractions: Many people need to have their damaged permanent teeth pulled out, which adds to the cost of a dental implant in India. Most of the time, teeth extractions cost between $50 and $100, which counts only a small amount to the overall cost of dental implants. Bone Grafting: When you have an excellent jaw bone, the implants are strong and last long. But some bone loss is apparent with certain body conditions and getting older. Also, when people wear dentures, their jawbones become thin and weak, so they need a bone graft. IV Sedation: Basal implants do not have flaps and can tap themselves. This cuts down surgery time by a lot. Pills are an excellent way to put someone to sleep.

How many installations

Dentists may put Several implants in each jaw for a full-mouth dental implant. The number of implants in each jaw depends on the technique, the limitations of the bone structure, and the surgeon’s limitations. Last, the cost of a full-mouth dental implant in India is based on how many implants you need. The thickness of your jawbone is another thing to think about. The dentist needs to figure out how many implants will be required to support all of your teeth. If you’re worried about how much dental work costs in India, your dentist will figure out how many implants you need to put this set of teeth in your mouth healthily. Ideally, we should have 28 teeth, 14 in each jaw. Putting pterygoid implants in the upper jaw gives the back molars much support without having to do a sinus lift. In the same way, basal implants in the lower jaw give back molars good support without the need for bone grafting. Most of the time, second molars aren’t replaced because the number of implants used is low or because the surgeon can’t do it. If you don’t replace your molars, you have to chew with your front teeth, which puts more stress on your TMJ.

The more implants there are per arch:

The more stable the prosthetics or bridges, the higher the chance of success. Allows a complete set of teeth, with 14 teeth in each angle; Decreases cantilever on back teeth; Shortens intra-implant span, which lets better biocompatible materials, like a full zirconia bridge, be used; In India, the price of full-mouth dental implants increases as the number of implants per arch increases. Dental Clinics in Gurgaon are fully stocked with world-class and cutting-edge technology, and they have highly trained dentists with a lot of experience with tooth problems. People from other countries get their teeth fixed in India. Full-mouth dental implants in India could be expensive for a variety of reasons.    

Roxolid Slaroxolid Sla Active

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